Drought stress comes in all shapes and sizes.  
Drought stress can cause minor to major issues and can eventually lead to turf damage.  
Simple things like checking sprinkler coverage and inspecting for drought stress can contribute to keeping your lawn beautiful!

Drought stress due to turf growing over sprinkler head!

The side that had no sprinkler issues.

Small drought stress area - This will lead to damage if this issue is not addressed asap.  How long will damage last after stress varies on a number of factors.

Beautiful yard with an ugly drought stress spot!  These areas are more vulnerable to weed invasion.  Weeds fill the voids!

Drought stresss caused by poor sprinkler layout.  There will be damage and weeds fill these areas in!

You can see the areas with good sprinkler coverage!

See the drought spot?  It is in the full sun, the turf in the shade is just fine!  Drought spot!  Sunny areas need more water!

Front view of the last picture, this will lead to drought damage.

Poor coverage leads to drought spots which leads to drought damage!

Up close and personal with drought stress...when will it turn to drought damage?

The final product!  Drought damage!  The question is how do we prevent this from ever happening?  How do we get this area to recover?  Daily watering and extreme care!

Drought Damage!!  This has nothing to do with our service but it will cause an ugly lawn!  All aspects must be present for a nice lawn