Sedge Control Options
Sedge can be a persistant pest in our Florida lawns.  Typically we have a range of wild grasses, broadleave weeds, and sedges that can invade our lawns.  We treat sedge by request only and a scheduled treatment date will need to be made.  Depending on the infestation of sedge in the turf, this will determine the number of applications needed to control the sedge.  Below we will discuss treatment options!

Option 1- Spot Treatment of Selective Hebicide: Spot treatments for sedge is a great approach to control sedge while minimizing stress on the turf.  Spot treatments are efficient when addressing small areas of sedge.  If the turf is heavily infested we would use a broadcast application.

Option 2 - Broadcast Application of Selective Herbicide: For lawns that have more than a few spots of sedge we would treat the entire area with a broadcast application of selective herbicide for sedge.  This product will control sedge while not killing your desired turf.  Please understand that herbicides can stress your desired turf.  Before appling an herbcide you want to make sure the desired turf is not stressed so that it will better withstand any stress caused by the selective herbicide.

Option 3 - Application of Non - Selective Herbicide: When sedge has so heavily infested an area that selective herbicide just does not make sense we recommend killing the area with round up.  Then removing debris and wait atleast 2-4 weeks and then kill any regrowth with round up again.  Then replace the area with new turf.  This is the most aggressive form of sedge control and is a last resort.
Side Effects
Sedge control has its side effects.  The sedge once it is treated will look brown.  Then some of it may come back and need re-treatment or it may completely go brown then go bare.  In time your desired turf will fill in this area.  Below are pictures of what the end result of sedge treatment can look like.
The image to the left shows why we treat sedge by request ONLY!  Side by side I'd say the property on the right looks better.  However, it depends on how you view the situation.  On the left a sedge treatment was applied.  The browing is expected and the products applied are doing their job.  However, some customers do not mind sedge in their turf becuase it stays green like the right property!  This is why we treat by request, we do not want to cause unwanted brown spots in your lawn if sedge treatment is not desired!
The brown in this picture is sedge after treatment!  The green is the turf that is left after the sedge browned!
Another example of sedge browing in the turf after treatment!
This is 45 days after treatment of sedge!  There is not an immediate recovery after sedge treatment and there is a required period of time for recovery.